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express yourself, the freedom to choose, the freedom to be.

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the Quick couch

From the moment you take your QuickCouch out from its bag you can instantly feel its quality. With high quality RIPSTOP material your Quick Couch can be used anywhere and on anything – Sand, grass, gravel, bushland and more.

Why sit on the ground when you can sit in an air filled oasis? Take us to the pool, picnic, beach and even camping, we can be used anywhere you can think of.

Do not settle for less. Every QuickCouch features 2 side pockets for your essentials, bottle holder and even a bottle opener just to make your life easier.

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A Lightweight portable inflatable couch that is made from high quality ripstop material that is not only rip and tear resistant but at the same time will give you the feeling of ultimate freedom and have you feeling like you are floating on a cloud.

How it works


Slide and collect the air in both pockets.


Roll it up until the air
is compact & close it.


Enjoy Your Quick Couch.

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