Take your QuickCouch out of its carry bag and unroll flat holding the two black tabs together


Before filling your QuickCouch up so for the first time you need to make sure your air pockets are nice and free. put your bag on the ground and unroll out flat, pick your QuickCouch up by the black end, open one valve at a time and then scoop air in which will allow all of the internal plastic to unstick from itself.

Once this process if complete lay your QuickCouch back down onto the ground and you’re ready to start inflate you couch.



Pull your QuickCouch out from its carry bag and unroll on the ground.


Hold one of the two air pockets wide open so you can collect as much air as possible, with your arms out straight, take a few quick sideways steps whilst holding the bag open and allowing the air in as quickly as possible and then closing the two black tabs together.


Repeat this process roughly two times for each pocket (4 times in total) your bag will only need to be 70% full as when you roll it up you compact the air and fill the couch to 100%
NOTE: The longer you leave it open, the more the air will escape. short quick scoops of air work better.


Whilst holding both tabs together so no air can escape, start rolling the bag up until the bag is as tight as it can possibly get. Grab the ends of the tabs and twist them around so that the buckle can secure
NOTE: The tighter the bed is rolled, the more firmer it will be and the bed will tend to last al ot longer inflated


Alright! You ready for QuickCouch

P.S just make sure that the bed is the right way up by having the securing loop at the bottom!

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A Lightweight portable inflatable couch that is made from high quality ripstop material that is not only rip and tear resistant but at the same time will give you the feeling of ultimate freedom and have you feeling like you are floating on a cloud.